Spaces In-Between



For this months edition of size?captures, we headed over to our only Nordic store for the moment, Copenhagen. A beautiful city consisting of both traditional and modern architecture, we took a closer look at some of our latest product arrivals with a team of local creatives from the city.

Residing in Copenhagen for two years now, our store is situated in the centre of the city, surrounded by a myriad of texture and culture that sets Denmark apart from many other cities throughout Europe. We met up with seven local photographers who document the city in their own way, to see how they interpreted a selection of our latest products from Nike, adidas Originals, PUMA, and also Danish natives ARKK Copenhagen, a forward thinking brand who’s products are also made within their home city.

Thanks to each of the photographers that took part on the day, and you can click on the link of each photographer to taker a closer look at their Instagram account to see how they perceive the city around them.


For October’s edition of our size? captures series, we teamed up with 7 London based creatives to showcase size? Brixton and have a look around the area with some of the latest product available at size? For this episode, we’re presenting a diverse line-up of photographers from a mix of backgrounds, each with their own signature style.

Our Brixton store is situated right at the heart of the world famous Electric Avenue, amongst the hustle and bustle of the market. Rich in culture, the area is a hive of activity, to which our store fits in perfectly. The photographers each picked the latest available product from adidas Originals, Reebok, Nike, New Balance and Vans Anaheim including a wide mix of classic shapes and more modernised runners.

Take a look below at some the images captured during the day and keep a check on our Instagram for more of the photographers work over the coming weeks.

You can find out more about each of the photographers and their work by clicking on their name. Thanks again to all the guys for participating and coming out with us.


For the September episode of our size? captures series, we headed down to our Birmingham store to meet up with six local creatives to have a look around the city and take some of our latest products out into the streets. This months line-up of photographers all come from a very eclectic background, with some delving into the world of fashion and clothing design, graphic design, and documentary photography. It definitely helps having a creative eye of sorts if you’ve never picked up a camera before, and it can certainly act as another tool to make use of as an outlet for your ideas.

Our Public House themed Birmingham store sits just a few meters from the New Street Railway station, the main hub of travel into the inner city. Each of the photographers took their pick from some of the latest products available from Nike, adidas Originals, Vans, and PUMA, including the latest Nike Air Zoom Mariah Flyknit Racer, Vans Old Skool ‘Anaheim’ and adidas Originals Iniki.

Take a look at some of the work captured on the day below, and keep an eye out on our Instagram for more of their work to follow over the coming weeks.

You can find more of each photographers work by clicking on their name, thanks again to all of the guys for coming out with us on the day.


For the latest episode of our size? captures series, we headed over to our Leeds store and met up with 7 creatives from the local area to shoot some of the latest product to arrive instore. Captures allows a group of photographers who, although they shoot within the same metropolitan space, may have never met before. It’s acted as a great social meetup for young creatives, and it’s interesting to see how each photographer decides to interpret how the same shoe should be shot at every location, adding their own spin on things and seeing an image in a different way.


size? captures is a project that brings together local photographers and invites them to get experimental with footwear around the cities they call home.

A platform for artists to showcase their creativity, size? captures zones in on homegrown talent and encourages them toexplore the unique angles and light and shade of the streets, back alleys, rooftops and 24-hour off licences of the neighbourhoods they know best.

It’s about the quirks, the highlights, the flaws – the very textures of the city streets. These are cities the way only locals know them.

First stop: Manchester.


For the next installment in our size? captures series, we set our sights on France’s fashion capital, Paris. With our suitcase for this trip containing some of the latest forward thinking releases from Nike, adidas Originals and Reebok Classic, we met up with five local photographers from the city to take in the sights and sounds Paris had to offer.

Each photographer taking part in this Paris edition has a very individual style or working. Some specialise in photographing sneakers and street life, while others scale rooftops and shoot solely on film. We spoke to each participant briefly to find out a bit more about what they enjoy about photography and how they got into it in the first place.